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DeFi Asset Management

The easiest way for everyday investors to take a concentrated position in a specific DeFi project without having to open a crypto account.

It’s estimated the global financial system sucks out 6% of the world's GDP each year. That’s over $8 trillion per year. The DEFI boom has already started funneling some of that $8 trillion into the hands of DEFI users.

DEFI protocols are the future of finance but unfortunately unless you are deeply immersed in the space many potential investors don’t have an idea of what protocols are worth following let alone what are worth investing in.

Even then, assuming you know what to buy; the process of buying into a DeFi asset requires climbing a steep learning curve. Having a wallet and having to fund a separate crypto account is foreign and intimidating to the average investor.

DeFi Technologies is filling that need with our “DeFi ETN” suite of financial products. These are made up of ETP’s & ETN’s.

A solution you can use right from your brokerage account.

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Valour – Defi ETN’s help democratize access to decentralized finance.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Zero precisely tracks the price of BTC and ETH without charging management fees, making an investment in the world’s best-known digital assets easier, more secure, and more cost-effective than all other options.

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