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DeFi is Disrupting the Financial Landscape


1. Valour – Defi ETN’s help democratize access to decentralized finance.

DeFi protocols are the future of finance but unfortunately unless you are deeply immersed in the space you have no idea what protocols are worth following let alone what protocols are worth investing in.

DeFi Technologies is filling that need with Our “Valour - Defi ETN” suite of financial products. These are made up of ETPs & ETNs. They are the easiest way for an everyday investor to take a concentrated position in a specific DeFi project without having to open a crypto account.

Even then assuming you know what to buy; the process of buying into a DeFi asset requires climbing a steep learning curve. Having a wallet and having to fund a separate crypto account is foreign and intimidating to the average investor.

Having a solution you can use right from your brokerage account is sorely needed.


2. DeFi Treasury help CFO’s solve for their biggest problem:

What to do with their cash. All over the world there are trillions of dollars sitting in corporate treasures. These balances earn nothing. In some cases they have to pay banks for the privilege of holding their cash.

Some corporations such as MicroStrategy are plugging their entire treasuries into bitcoin. That’s great when you control the majority of the voting shares. No one can fire you when Bitcoin suffers through its eventual volatility. But is there any CFO you know of that will risk an 85% drop in treasury value?

No. There isn’t. That’s why DeFi Technologies is launching a new product called “DeFi Treasury”.

DeFi TREASURY will help corporations allocate part of their Treasury reserves into DeFi protocols that are currently yielding anywhere from 3% to as high as 15%. We think this “middle path” of partial allocation to the hefty yields now being seen in DeFi protocols is a sensible approach most CFO’s can get behind.

We are incredibly excited about the future growth of DeFi but we are also tempering our excitement against the realities of how corporations make capital allocation decisions.

We think this “middle ground messaging” will resonate at scale with CFO’s across the world.


3. DeFi Governance secure relationships with independent third parties to enter their governance systems.

As more Decentralized Finance applications seek to improve the way their projects are governed by their respective token holders a need has emerged for independent governance.

This is our DeFi Governance offering.

The best way to think of it is similar to a public company opting to install independent board members. The DeFi Governance product will work with decentralized networks to run independent nodes that will validate transactions and provide governance on the network.

As the only public company dedicated to the DeFi space the company believes it is uniquely positioned to fulfill this emerging need in the market place.


4. DeFi Venture, identify and invest in revolutionary DeFi protocols.

It’s estimated the global financial system sucks out 6% of the worlds GDP each year. That’s over $8 trillion per year. The DeFi boom has already started funneling some of that $8 trillion into the hands of DeFi users.

Right now this is happening through borrowing and lending markets, market making liquidity pools and decentralized short term loans. The financial giants of tomorrow are being birthed on the blockchain today. Decentralizing the functions of traditional financial firms is the use case for blockchain the world has been looking for.

But not all of these projects will make it. That’s why we intend to build a portfolio of what we believe will be the world’s leading DeFi names. We call this our DeFi Venture. Investors looking for a one click way to get access to a broad base of early stage DeFi projects can now simply buy shares of DeFi Technologies instead of trying to guess which protocol will make it.

Collectively our four prong approach allows our shareholders to share in the growth of increased investor fund flows into DeFi through our “DEFI ETN” (ETP’s & ETN’s). As well as the emerging trend of Corporate Treasury flows into DeFi via our DeFi Treasury product, in addition to the establishment of governance on decentralized networks through DeFi Governance. Plus exposure to the potential explosive growth of the projects we take early stakes in, in our DeFi Venture program.
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