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DeFi Ventures

Identify and invest in revolutionary DeFi protocols

It’s estimated the global financial system sucks out 6% of the world's GDP each year. That’s over $8 trillion per year. The DeFi boom has already started funneling some of that $8 trillion into the hands of DeFi users.


Right now this is happening through borrowing and lending markets, market-making liquidity pools, and decentralized short-term loans. The financial giants of tomorrow are being birthed on the blockchain today. Decentralizing the functions of traditional financial firms is the use case for blockchain the world has been looking for.

But not all of these projects will make it. That’s why we intend to build a portfolio of what we believe will be the world’s leading DeFi names. We call this our DeFi Ventures. Investors looking for a one-click way to get access to a broad base of early-stage DeFi projects can now simply buy shares of DeFi Technologies instead of trying to guess which protocol will make it.

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