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Our Mission

DeFi Technologies Inc. is a digital asset investment firm bridging the gap between traditional capital markets and decentralized finance. We create “equity wrappers” for the most sought-after DeFi protocols as well as identify and invest in new technologies or ventures to provide diversified exposure across the decentralized finance sector.

DeFi Technologies is the only publicly traded company built to give investors direct exposure to the booming Decentralized Finance market. Our mission is to expand investor access to industry-leading decentralized technologies allowing investors to access the future of finance via regulated equity exchanges. Decentralized technologies lie at the heart of financial innovation. On behalf of our shareholders and investors, we identify opportunities and areas of innovation and build and invest in new technologies and ventures to provide diversified exposure across decentralized finance opportunities. As a trusted partner for our clients and investors, we provide industry-leading equity products and top-quality research and education in this fast-growing space.

The three pillars,
how we generate returns

DeFi Asset Management

DeFi Asset Management

Made up of Exchange Traded Products. They are the easiest way for an everyday investor to take a concentrated position in a specific DeFi project without having to open a crypto account.

DeFi Ventures

DeFi Ventures

Investors looking for a one-click way to get access to a broad base of early-stage DeFi projects can now simply buy shares of DeFi Technologies instead of trying to guess which protocol will make it.

DeFi Governance

DeFi Governance

The DeFi Governance works with decentralized networks to run independent nodes that validate transactions and provide governance on the network.

Why DeFi is the future of finance,
let's drive innovation further

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Completely transparent

Through the use of blockchain technology, all transactions are publicly visible, tamper-proof and verifiable by everyone. Removing the need to trust in any 3rd party.

Free of intermediaries

Every interaction between two parties is based on a smart contract. A Smart Contract is a codified law that makes it interoperable, self-executing, and permissionless, eliminating the need for intermediaries that charge fees and slow down processes.

Open for everyone

People from anywhere in the world can participate in this new financial system. All you need is an internet connection. DeFi is non-custodial so you have full control over your assets and can use them whenever you want.

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