TradFi Exposure to Digital Assets and Web3

Institutional Grade Exposure to Digital Assets through ETPs, Strategic Ventures, and Critical Web3 Infrastructure, Simply and Securely via Your Brokerage Account.

Trusted by millions of investors.
Over $500M in AUM

Valour Asset Management

Valour offers exchange-traded products (ETPs), listed on regulated stock exchanges across Europe, that enable individuals and institutions to invest in digital assets simply and securely.

Valour  has a trading infrastructure to launch single purpose ETPs and basket ETPs. Valour  launched the first ETP Bitcoin Zero in December 2020 and has an AUM  of over $500M.

Valour Asset Management

DEFI Ventures

Taking diversified positions in DeFi protocols

Working with world leading names across the DeFi space, DEFI’s research-based early-stage venture arm backs ambitious founders and high potential projects and networks across decentralised finance and Web3.0, focussing on Pre-Seed to Series A ventures.

DEFI Ventures

DEFI Infrastructure

Running nodes for DeFi protocols

As a public company that inherently has governance, we are unique positioned to fulfill this role. Partnership with Coinbase Cloud for secure node infrastructure. Participation in DeFi Networks ie: Pyth Network - DEFI gets a fee for each transaction on the network.

DEFI Infrastructure

Digital assets are transforming the financial system

DEFI provides trusted investor access
to decentralised finance & Web3

Pioneer in Bridging Traditional Finance and Crypto World

DEFI is a trailblazer in enabling traditional investors to gain access to the highly potent and rapidly expanding digital assets sector, including decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3. Our unique business model offers a secure and regulated gateway, eliminating the need for investors to create separate crypto wallet or account.

Diversified Portfolio of Digital Assets

As a technology company, DEFI empowers investors to invest in a diverse range of digital assets. With a focus on the DeFi and Web3 sector, DEFI has the opportunity to capitalize on the explosive growth of digital assets and the revolution they are bringing in the financial sector.

Publicly Traded Advantage

DEFI is the only publicly traded company built specifically to give investors direct exposure to nascent digital asset markets. It represents an unparalleled way for traditional investors to gain exposure to DeFi protocols in a secure, compliant manner without the complexities of a crypto account.

Regulated Equity Instruments for Crypto Investment

DEFI captures the upside of the future of finance by offering regulated equity instruments. By doing so, it mitigates the risk and provides a sense of security, making it an ideal choice for those who are hesitant to step into the digital asset space due to regulatory concerns.

Our Story

We believe that traditional investors should have the opportunity to invest in digital assets, including cryptocurrencies in a trusted and secure manner,  without creating a separate brokerage or bank account.

DeFi Technologies

DeFi Technologies is a public company traded on CBOE Canada (DEFI). Founded in 2020 out of the need for a better and more secure access to decentralised finance. DEFI provides regulated diversified exposure to a new wave of blockchain based assets, services and applications.

Exchange Traded Products

Trusted, simple and secure access to digital asset exposure. Valour offers digital asset Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) available via traditional banks and brokers in Europe.


DEFI Ventures invests and incubates the most promising blockchain protocols and applications powering a new generation of tools for a decentralised trustless system.

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