About defi

Trusted Partners Bridging DeFi & Capital Markets

As the Decentralised Finance ecosystem continues to grow and expand, DEFI actively explores opportunities to drive innovation and develop creative, innovative, sustainable solutions, connecting investors to the future of finance.

Our Team

DeFi Technologies has built a team of financial market veterans, digital asset pioneers, capital markets experts, and product innovators who believe the future of finance is being rewritten - in code - and in the transformative effect this new ecosystem of decentralised finance will have on economies and societies. Our leadership team are industry leaders and trusted experts from across both traditional and emerging markets and asset classes

About defi
Experts in financial markets, digital assets and capital markets technology.

Olivier Roussy Newton

Co-Founder & CEO

Ryan Ptolemy, CPA, CFA


Russell Starr

Head of Capital Markets

Kenny Choi

Corporate Secretary

Suzanne Ennis

Board Member

Mikael Tandetnik

Board Member

Stefan Hascoet

Board Member

Krisztian Toth

Board Member